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Parm’s Porta-Party
PO Box 8403
Des Moines, IA 50301

If you are emailing us from your office, the message may end up in our bulk folder. So, if we do not respond the same day, it is most likely that this error has occurred. If you need to mail in your planning form and/or contract, you can send it to the address listed above.

Questions? See if I answered them here in FAQ...

An Interview with Parm

Do you require a deposit?
We require a $100 deposit to reserve your date.  We didn’t in the past, but we had too many clients reserve the date and not follow through.  We tried the honor system, it just didn’t work out.

What do you wear to our event?
We usually wear some form of black dress attire, or a chicken suit, but usually the black dress attire.

What time will you arrive to begin setting up?
We usually arrive whenever we feel like it, but we always feel like arriving at least two hours before the estimated guest arrival time.

Do you charge extra fees for the setup and tear down of your equipment?
I don't think it would be very nice to charge an extra fee on top of what you are already paying for our services.
So, I guess the answer to that is no way.

Why did you start Parm's Porta-Party?
We started DJing as a public service.  There were too many horrible DJs ruining weddings and we knew we had to do something about it.

What is your favorite song?
This is easy. I can't get enough of Celine Dion's "I'm your lady".

What is the difference between your Afternoon Delight and your Perfect Package?
The Afternoon Delight includes five hours of time, and the Perfect Package includes unlimited time. Other than that, they are identical twins.

What it the best part of your job?
Watching families come together because of the wedding.  Maybe we just like helping people have a good time.  Or it could be getting to hear the sound of my own voice.  I'm not sure which one is my favorite, but this job definitely has its perks.

What is the worst part about your job?
Saying goodbye is never easy... and smelling your drunk uncle's beer breath when he requests Holy Diver for the third time.

What type of equipment do you use?
All of our DJs travel with some form of 15" speaker setup that is perfect for getting just the right sound without blasting out grandma (too much). We also travel with a great light show that is so much more than four par cans. If you don't know what any of this stuff is, don't feel stupid.  I don't know what it is either.  Just kidding, I do.  Anyway, there are a lot of companies out there that make us look good without ever playing a song, because their equipment is super cheesy. However, there are also a few guys out there that I respect. If we don't have your date available, call Knightlife for a great show.

What do you do if you don't have a song that we would like played?
We will do everything we can to get it for you. As long as it's not something weird like your brother's cousin's uncle's step-son's band, we can usually find it.  Just give us some time to do a little digging.

Do you ever have any specials? I'm broke.
If you are broke, just email us and we will try to work something out for you.  We've been known to do anything from payment plans, to price reductions for the non-profit type folks.  Really, sometimes I think we are a lot like Priceline.  Just tell us your budget and will see if there is something we can work out.

Are you ever serious?  It seems like you are a little sarcastic.
Who wants a serious DJ?  Really though, we are very professional and know when to be serious, and when to use the humor to get the party started.   

Is your music edited, or will my very religious family be offended all night?
We do everything we can to eliminate as much profanity as possible, unless you don't care or request it.

Why should we choose Parm's Porta-Party?
Oh, you want me to sell myself to you in a 15 second pitch? Well... if you are looking for a fun, professional DJ that knows exactly what songs to play and who will guide you through your entire reception and tell you when and where to do all of your special events and will take requests and work with you through the entire planning process and always answer your phone calls and emails and calm your mom down when she starts freaking out and who doesn't show up in a cheesy vest and who will dismiss your guests for dinner and will basically do everything possible to make your special day the best day of your life, then give us a call.  If you were looking for something else, feel free to call one of the other guys. (My English teacher is going to kill me for writing such a run-on sentence)

What do you do if people aren't dancing?
Here's the deal...  Unless your event is an Animal Rescue League benefit, your guests are human and humans by nature are fairly insecure.  Sometimes people need a little liquid courage and low lighting (emphasis on the low lighting) to get out there and shake their bon-bons.  So, if people do need a little more time, we just play some good background drinking music until the mood is right.  We honestly can't force anyone to dance, but sometimes Jim Beam can.  We've also been at this for over eight years, so we have a few tricks up our sleeves.

If you had to describe yourself in one word or less, what would it be?
Parm.  If you look Parm up in the dictionary, you will find that Parm is short for Parmerlee, and Parmerlee is short for probably the best DJ in the world.

Can you do the music for my ceremony as well?
We have all the wireless mics and extra stuff you need to take care of pretty much anything you could ever dream up.  If the ceremony is outdoors, that is fine as well.  Just email us and we can talk about the best way to make your ceremony everything you hoped it would be.

Can we reserve a specific DJ?
You can request a specific DJ if you would like, otherwise we will match you with the DJ that is right for your musical taste.   Not to sound egotistical, but if you were hoping to have Parm at your event you might want to call right now.  I tend to be requested a lot due to my classy charm and wit.  It's either that or people really love the sound of my voice too.  Hmm... that's a tuffy.